Chateau Ownership


To own a home at Chateau Beaver Creek is to own a tradition. The exquisite and robust structure inspired by French Chateau and English Manor House architecture is unlike any other in the Vail Valley and stands out as a spectacular yet charming masterpiece. The surrounding setting ensures you’ll wake each day knowing that fond memories and remarkable stories ensue. To top it all off, the caring staff here takes the time to understand its residents and is devoted to your happiness, furnishing gratification to every one of your senses. 

Homeowners at Chateau Beaver Creek genuinely love it here. It is evidenced by their heartfelt smiles as they enter the gate straight off the slope, as well as their actions. There are eight chalets on our grounds today, but originally, there were intended to be eleven. However, when a group of home

owners found out there were more chalets to be built on the property, they decided to purchase the land, and make it the Chateau Park, a place that all homeowners can enjoy. This is just one of the stories that make it clear that to live here is to love it here.

A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body

— Benjamin Franklin


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Chateau Beaver Creek opened its doors in 1992 and since then it has remained one of the finest examples of mountain resort architecture anywhere in the world. All 65 residences are privately owned, but from time to time, a few homes may enter the market for resale. Please inquire at 970.949.1616.

Our dedicated, on-site staff is here to look after your property and take care of all maintenance, cleaning, upkeep and security for you so you can rest assured. 

The Chateau has a talented team of building engineers to oversee repairs and contracted work and can advise owners proactively of items that need attention.  Additionally, our security personnel regularly inspects each property to ensure all is in order and quickly address issues may arise.  

All common area maintenance and upkeep of amenities, landscaping, insurance, snow removal, and security inspections are included.  Also included are concierge services, assistance with shipping and receiving deliveries, contractor oversight, vehicle storage and management (fees applied for routine maintenance), and complimentary transportation to and from the Eagle Airport for you and your guests.  

With careful management of the Replacement Reserve Fund, the Chateau has never had any special assessments for the projects implemented to upgrade and replace building mechanical items or refresh and improve common areas and amenities.  

Owners can opt to join the Chateau’s Rental Program which is run by our dedicated on-site staff to handle reservations, cleaning and upkeep of your residence.  With rentals handled directly by our team, you can rest assured that your property is carefully watched over while renting guests are staying.  

There are charges for selected services such as housekeeping and engineering work done in your residence.  Household utilities are extra however our accounting team can take care of billing for you.

Owner's Club

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